Psych major requirements uncc address lookup

UNC Charlotte offers both research and professional doctoral degrees, including the Ph. P, the Ed.

psych major requirements uncc address lookup

Skip to main content. GPA 3. Both on a 4. Prerequisites, where applicable, as indicated by specific doctoral program criteria. The Statement should describe your experience, objectives for undertaking graduate study and research interests, if known. Note: Some graduate programs request specific items to be included in the Statement. Review the program web page for details. These recommendations are submitted directly from your recommender via the online application system.

Unofficial transcripts of all academic work attempted beyond high secondary school can be used for admission review. An official officially certified final transcript must be submitted if an applicant is offered admission. International transcripts provided in a language other than English should be uploaded, but a translated version should be uploaded as well.

Additional Information Acceptance to a doctoral program must be recommended by the department or college offering the program. The Graduate School makes the final, official offer of admission. Meeting minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee acceptance to a program. Applicants with records of high quality who do not fulfill these admissions requirements should discuss with the Graduate Program Director other factors that may have a bearing on admission.

Some programs have higher standards or additional admission requirements.Scholarship Listing. The scholarship listing below is a general resource for prospective students who are considering attending UNC Charlotte, but who have not yet completed an admissions application. Not all scholarship criteria are included in this listing and additional requirements may determine eligibility.

New freshmen and transfer applicants who have completed an admissions application, and current UNC Charlotte students no longer need to search for scholarships! If you're a new applicant or a continuing student, simply login to the NinerScholars Portal beginning in late October, submit your scholarship profile, and you'll immediately be matched with all scholarships you're eligible to apply for.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree

Most undergraduate scholarships have an application deadline of February 15th, and most graduate scholarships have an application deadline of March 31st. However, application deadlines vary by scholarship and some are due as early as December.

Pay close attention to the individual application deadline for each scholarship you're matched with! Instructions Use the Keyword Search and other tools below to filter your search results to the types of scholarships you're interested in and those for which you're eligible to apply. Click the Show Results button to display the list of scholarships.Visit Program Website. Donald T. Lysle, Chair dlysle email.

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Regina M. Carelli, Associate Chair rcarelli email. Karen Gil, Associate Chair kgil email. Jeannie Loeb, Director of Undergraduate Studies loeb unc. Kelly Giovanello, Director of Neuroscience Curricula kgio email.

Kaitlin Blakemore, Student Services Manager blakek email. In the undergraduate study of psychology, the emphasis is on a broad acquaintance with the behavioral sciences, not specialization. The subject matter is preparatory to a career in psychology either in basic research and teaching, or in any number of professional applications to various human problems.

A psychology major may prove valuable to those planning other professional careers such as medicine, law, education, or business, as well as to those who seek a broad cultural background in the behavioral sciences. Upon completion of the psychology B. For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

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Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply. Sample plans can be used as a guide to identify the courses required to complete the major and other requirements needed for degree completion within the expected eight semesters.

The actual degree plan may differ depending on the course of study selected second major, minor, etc. Students should meet with their academic advisor to create a degree plan that is specific and unique to their interests. The sample plans represented in this catalog are intended for first-year students entering UNC—Chapel Hill in the fall term. Some courses may not be offered every term. Any major in the program with an overall grade point average of 3. Please see the department Web site for the application form and additional information.

Membership in the Psychology Club is open to any interested psychology major. There is no minimum grade point average requirement. The club meets frequently to discuss psychology-related topics and learn about careers in psychology. The Carolina Neuroscience Club brings together students who have an interest in the brain and nervous system.

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Club members meet regularly to discuss courses, research articles, and post-college neuroscience opportunities. Membership is open to anyone interested in neuroscience. Psi Chi is the National Honor Society for psychology. The Undergraduate Research Society raises undergraduate awareness of research on campus.

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The society works to bridge interactions between undergraduates, graduate students and faculty members as well as provides opportunities for undergraduate researchers to further their research interests. Helping Give Away Psychological Science is a student-based nonprofit organization to improve information about psychology on Wikipedia, on other online sites, and in the community.

Several opportunities for experiential education are available. The Karen M. Gil Internship Program offers both course credit and a monthly stipend to selected psychology and neuroscience majors who are placed in approved internship sites in the community.

Interns are selected through a competitive process minimum grade point average is 3. See course listings for details. An additional honor is election to Psi Chi, the national honor society for psychology undergraduates.Empowering your success is our Mission. This is your time to expand your mind and your horizons, to achieve what you've always envisioned and even that which you never imagined.

If you have an interest in people and how the mind works, psychology is the career path for you. Our Department offers a Bachelor of Science B. The undergraduate program prepares students for a variety of careers that value a strong liberal arts background, or for graduate study. The online degree completion program is for undergraduate students who have completed their University College core curriculum and are looking for an innovative and alternative way to complete their bachelor's degree.

Previously, the program was ranked in the top 25 for the year Given that the department has no affiliation with ACO, we are honored that they have recognized our contributions to online education. According to ACO, our program ranks high above others in terms of academic rigor, student support, and affordability for online learning.

Undergraduate Program Information

This is a clear indication of the excellence and quality delivered by our online program. The online degree completion program is for undergraduate students who have completed their University College core curriculum and are looking for an innovative and alternative way to complete their degree.

The Master program offers students an opportunity to continue their education after earning their bachelor's degree. At the end of the course work you will have gained critical thinking abilities and the capacity to recognize and apply several psychological paradigms, acquire and analyze data, as well as the capacity to report your findings in written and oral communications. Department of Psychology Empowering your success is our Mission.

One of the most. Personal access. Why choose Psychology? When accepted into the Psychology major, you will take courses on: animal and human behavior in context how is the human mind put together and how it works the role of brain mechanisms on the behavior and the mind methods that psychologists use to ask questions about mind and behavior people and their circumstances defining social behavior psychological disorders and how they affect us At the end of the course work you will have gained critical thinking abilities and the capacity to recognize and apply several psychological paradigms, acquire and analyze data, as well as the capacity to report your findings in written and oral communications.A major in Psychology can prove useful in a variety of careers!

Check out possible career options below for what you can do with a major in Psychology. Entry-level salary data from are provided below for each type of position. Please keep in mind that salaries vary depending on region and prior experience. We also recommend you review our major requirements and explore more with the help of University Career Services or Psychology. Skip to main content. Submit Search.

Political Science Major, B.A.

Act as liaisons between minority placement agencies and employers or between job search committees and other equal opportunity administrators. Caregivers serve a key role in the health care industry. Caregivers ensure that those under their care are clean, fed and safe.

psych major requirements uncc address lookup

The responsibilities of caregiver can be diverse and encompass many aspects of care. Caregivers are responsible for assisting infants, seniors or the disabled with receiving a proper diet and meals along with preparation of meals and in some cases grocery shopping. Caregivers assist in cleaning and taking those they are caring for on errands and other daily activities. This may include monitoring vital signs and keeping a log book ex.

If the caregiver is caring for a child the job description may include making sure they are physically well and providing necessary social interaction such as playing games, reading and encouraging development of skills. Record daily care notes.Skip to main content. Accounting, B.

UNCG Psychology - Graduate Program Video

Africana Studies, B. Anthropology, Applied Anthropology Concentration, B. Anthropology, B. Architecture, B. Art History, B. Art, Art Education Concentration, B. Art, B. Art, Studio Art Concentration, B. Biology, B. Biology, Microbiology Concentration, B. Business Analytics, B. Chemistry, B.

Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration, B. Chemistry, Teacher Licensure, B. Child and Family Development, B.

Psychology Courses

Civil Engineering Technology, B. Civil Engineering, B. Civil Engineering, Structures Concentration, B. Civil Engineering, Transportation Concentration, B. Computer Engineering, B. Computer Science, Bioinformatics Concentration, B. Computer Science, Cybersecurity Concentration, B.

Construction Management, B. Criminal Justice, B. Dance, Applied Dance Concentration, B.More Information. T his volume brings together the work of researchers in North America, Central and Eastern Europe, and Turkey, who are generating important, archivally based scholarship in their respective fields, languages, and nations of study. The larger goal of this volume is to sit in conversation with the others in this series that directly deal with Russia and its Great War and Revolution.

Read More. We, the faculty of the Department of History at UNC Charlotte, reacting with grief and anger at the recent killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, combined with subsequent events, feel compelled to offer the following statement to our faculty and staff, as well as to our students, friends, and the broader community.

We do not habitually issue such statements in response to specific episodes of tragedy and injustice. However, we believe that the current situation is so overwhelmingly serious that The History Department is pleased to announce the hire of Dr.

psych major requirements uncc address lookup

Kristina Shull, who will join our faculty in August following the completion of a post-doctoral appointment at Harvard University. Kristina Shull is a public historian and interdisciplinary scholar specializing in race, foreign relations, immigration control, and prison privatization in the modern United States.

She received her Ph. Wilson spent 10 years researching the archives of companies that made weapons for the war as well as military and government archives. The work is available at Skip to main content. August 28, June 16, Department Statement of Solidarity. June 11, May 8, January 28, September 19, August 26, October 31, October 7,

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