Distributing your resume make sure

Yet this is only a very small part of how the resume should be distributed. Post-and-pray means to post your resume to a resume database, then pray that an employer will find it.

But before you take this step, make sure you select the right resume database, ideally one targeted specifically to entry level. At CollegeGrad. So instead of being buried in a resume database at a general job board, you will be in a select database which is specific to your needs.

Most job postings require you to respond with your resume. Now that your resume is finished, you have access to respond to any and all jobs for which you are interested. But instead of pushing your resume to hundreds of different jobs, do your research to send your resume only to job postings for which you are qualified. Get your resume posted at your campus career center so that you can be found by employers coming to campus for on-campus interviewing. Your resume may also be required to participate in other career and job fair events on campus.

You are the personal introduction, yet your resume is the leave behind which will prompt later follow up and subsequent interviews. As mentioned in my prior blog on networkingit is important to get your resume into the hands of your network contacts. Then empower them on your behalf to push your resume out to their network contacts.

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This exponential multiplying factor is what makes networking so valuable in expanding your job search horizons. But your resume may have been put into the application tracking system and then was spit back out in text format, stripped of your great layout. And yes, some interviewers will arrive to the interview without a copy of your resume, so be prepared.

Have at least one resume per interview scheduled. If you do not yet have your resume developed, use the Quickstart Resume Generator to quickly develop your resume in our award-winning format. Toggle navigation. Find Jobs. Entry Level. How to Distribute Your Resume posted by Brian Krueger under resume preparation jobs employers resume interview networking. If you like what you are reading, please share it with your friends!

Expanding Your Professional Network. What is a Resume? Search for jobs:. Find Jobs Entry Level.Request a Free Discovery Call Now.

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But nothing could be further from the truth. The next move is to figure out how to distribute the document for others to see. Here are five ways to do it in a way that will get it noticed:.

A great way to get your resume in front of the right eyes is by posting it on niche job boards. Niche job boards are different from well-known, generic job boards because they cater to specific fields and allow recruiters and job seekers alike to meet in a more intimate setting. LinkedIn is an amazing—and often overlooked—resource for job seekers.

Not only can you build a resume or post yours in its current state on the site, but you can also network with former and current associates, meet new professionals, and even garner professional recommendations. The best part is that recruiters spend hours scouring pages for job seekers to recruit. And you could be the next one! Networking has always been a singular and unmatched option for getting your resume into the hands of the right decision makers in a particular company.

If you have yet to visit a job fair, you are truly missing out. This is the ultimate place to distribute your resume because companies send their recruiters to them in order to find talent—and actually collect resumes! Depending on how great your resume and small talk are, you may even score an on-the-spot interview. So be sure to visit plenty of job fairs—and be on top of your game each time.

Twitter is the unlikely place to distribute your resume because you can only share characters at a time. But job seekers have found creative ways to do so with the use of mini-URLs, brief descriptions of their qualifications, and clever hashtags like needajob or lookingforwork. One mistake job seekers often make is resorting to posting their resumes on a generic job board, just hoping someone will find it.

Unfortunately, outside of outright applying for a job that has been posted, it requires more creativity and diligence than that to get your resume noticed. Fortunately, you now have the tools to get yours in front of the right eyes! You can also get additional job search and career related advice by checking out our blog or following us on Twitter GreatResume. My desire—and the heart of Great Resumes Fast —is to use our expertise and experience within the HR world to help job seekers who do not have the time, experience, or expertise to create interview-worthy resumes.

Very useful information as I continue to study a possible new way to get my information out here to land a job.What is the importance of distributing your resume effectively?

What now?

How to Distribute Your Resume

Once you are done writing a resume, the only next step is to get it to the people who have the opportunity you want. Here are some means of distributing your resume and some things to keep in mind along the way!

Manual Resume Distribution The first idea that comes to mind when we talk about resume distribution is to simply take the resume and put it in the hands of the authority at the place that you desire to work at.

While this is not a bad idea in itself, there are some advantages and disadvantages to taking this approach. Some individual preference and company cultures afford the opportunity for such interactions and allow it to work out in your favor in a major way.

Make sure that if you choose to attempt this approach that you are dressed for the occasion. If you are thinking about presenting your resume to someone in a corporate office setting, you will do more harm than good by going into the office dressed in sweatpants and or a hoodie. Wearing a full suit to take your resume to a firm where the employees come to work in t-shirts and flip flops is not a good idea either.

Even if you do not get the chance to speak to the manager directly, the associates that you interact with may notice traits that they like and speak kindly of you to the manager. Before you take your resume to any establishment, you should do your homework on the organization and have some understanding of their culture and products or services. If there is an opportunity for you to relate to their mission or values, remember that and be ready to answer in the event that you are asked any questions.

For example, some people have gotten the job that they currently have or had in the past based on their persistence in presenting their resume to the organization that they were interested in. That persistence combined with good manners, professionalism and an answer to why they wanted to work there helped the hiring manager to have an idea of the outcome before the formal interview.

The point is to be ready. Assuming that the company is accepting of paper resumes delivered directly to the place of business, one way to mitigate this hassle is to contact the office before attempting to go there. This is also a good strategy to handle like situations in the future. Just because the waiting area of an office is not filled does not mean that it is okay to assume that the office associates are not busy. For instance, in some professions, there is a designated busy season of the year.

Make sure you take these business cycles into account when choosing a date and time to deliver your resume to your establishment of interest. You can find hints to whether or not it is by searching the company website.

Look for specific instructions for applying for a position. In many cases, not following application instructions precisely will land your resume in the refuse pile as quickly as it changed hands. Be certain that you have taken your time in writing a resume. Even minor mistakes may be covered in such instructions.

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Resume Distribution through Job Fairs Job fairs are an excellent way to get your resume out to a number of people at the same time. Job fairs typically involve a host of employers and services that set up a means of presenting their brand to potential candidates. Within the time of a few hours, a job fair can allow you to get your resume in front of way more recruiters and employers than delivering resumes one by one.

If you are looking for a way to see many employers and a way to be seen by many employers quickly, a job fair is the way to go.

Be advised however, that this is not the medium for receiving resume writing advice. This is the chance to showcase your qualifications. To prepare for a job fair, make sure that you dress the part, practice your answers to a few predictable interview questions and have copies of your resume or business card if applicable.

A headhunter is something like a third party recruiter. In other words, they work to fill a job for their client who is the person or organization that will be providing the job itself. It is not unlikely that if you speak to a headhunter, you will not be given complete details about the positions itself. These types of services may be helpful in finding the job or opportunity that you are looking for. However, you should do your homework and not be afraid to ask questions if you have them.

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distributing your resume make sure

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distributing your resume make sure

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distributing your resume make sure

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